1. HR Analytics

HR analytics is better known as workforce analytics and plays a very important role in all the organisation in terms of improving the employee performance and retention.  Problem statements which can be answered using HR analytics are: Manpower: How to optimize the manpower based on the manning in different locations. Instant alerts and notifications where there is under manning or over manning….

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2. News Curation

On the internet, searching for the right kind of news can be a time consuming task simply because sometimes you cannot exactly explain what you are looking for or that the system fails to understand the requirements. But through various tasks like Topic to Keyword conversion, web scraping, news relevance, text summarization, news categorization and sentiment analysis, curating the right kind of news can be made possible just through giving a keyword or a set of keywords….

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3. Credit Risk Analytics: Macroeconomic modelling for Bank for PD impact

One of the Banks wanted to predict the impact of Covid scenario on futuristic PIT Probability of Defaults (PD) for their portfolio considering the current environment for this year and subsequent years. The Bank is one of the leading Private sector Islamic bank in Middle East Asia. They have a large Lending portfolio comprising retail and Corporate customers…

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4. Predicting Active Corona Cases in the US, the UK and India

When we predict any time series data we typically use internal data and predict the future for example when we predict the temperature of a city we use historic temperature of the city and predict the future using a model. The model can incorporate various factors like seasonality, auto-regression (relationship with recent past) etc. But when it comes to predicting a novel phenomenon like active cases in a pandemic this will not work as we do not have enough past data as we are seeing only one cycle. Nevertheless as various countries are in different stages of the pandemic, this gives us an opportunity to learn from data of other countries to project for countries that are behind in the curve. We use this approach to predict the number of cases in the near future for the US, UK and India. To build the model we use an ARIMA model (Auto-regressive, Integrated and Moving Average)…

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5. Relevant Text Extraction from PDF

Data extraction for analysis can be as challenging as it is important to an organization with data available in sources of different sizes and formats. For this very purpose, we can use one of many techniques or multiple methods in combination to extract text and clean it, so as to make it as readable as possible to the end user. Natural language processing models are created on large chunks of text and for such models to perform well, it is important that this data makes sense and has little to no junk in it…

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