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Cypher 2016, India largest Analytics Summit, awards G-Square as the ‘Emerging Analytics Services’

Cypher 2016, India’s largest and most exciting analytics summit’s 2nd edition concluded recently. As a concluding event, Cypher hosted an Awards Ceremony in collaboration with Great Lakes Institute of Management to recognize the best in the data science world in India. The awards was a showcase of the best practices and stellar achievements of enterprises in this sector….


G-Square brings in a bot and plug-and-play element into analytics

Picture this. You make a phone call to a bank and someone pleasant gives you an update and all the advice you need. At work, all the data you require for an important presentation is at hand, eliminating the need for numerous research platforms and tools. Imagine if it is all present whenever you need it. Bots have been replacing human faces in everything from chats to financial advice, and analytics isn’t far behind, either. In order to make data analysis simpler, G-Square intends to….


G-SQUARE SOLUTIONS: Artificial Intelligence Driven Plug & Play Analytics

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning are revolutionizing the way Industry is interacting with our data analytics solutions. The buzzword for today’s fast moving organizations is data driven decisions. That is when AI based data analytics come into play which helps in enhancing organizations’ productivity, topline and bottomline by enabling them with data on the three Ws (Which product to sell, When is the right time to sell and to Whom to sell) and one H (How to pitch through right campaigns)….


#inspiringstories@Awfis – One stop solution to plug and play analytics: G-Square Solutions

#inspiringstories@Awfis is an initiative by Awfis Editorial Team to showcase the brilliant business ideas and the journey of our startup member community. In a world where there is competition everywhere, it is vital to know where your business is heading. And that’s when data analytics come into play. Data analytics help in enhancing organizations’ productivity, topline and bottomline by enabling them with data….


10 Emerging Analytics Startups in India to watch for in 2017

With analytics domain expanding its wing into AI, machine learning, NLP and more, this year’s startup list has quite interesting names that are doing some intriguing work in this field. Starting from video analytics to applying analytics in digital marketing, these startups have brought in many interesting concepts to the table. After an extensive research and brainstorming, we bring to you the names of 10 such emerging analytics startups that hold a promising future. And just like last year, the task wasn’t easy, as every startup has a competitive edge to offer over others. Read below to find out 10 emerging analytics startups in India to watch for in 2017…..