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G-Square and Anarock


Anarock to launch AI-led proptech tool

Property advisory Anarock plans to launch an artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) driven proptech solution, Astra to boost primary housing sales by up to 15%. Developed by Anarock and its data analytics partner G-Square Solutions.


Anarock to roll out solution for boosting home sales

Anarock Group, which is into real estate services consultancy, is planning to introduce Astra AI/ML property technology solution, developed over two years by the firm and its data analytics partner G-Square Solutions

Anarock to launch AI-based proptech solution to boost housing sales of builders

The proptech solution ‘ASTRA’, which has been developed in tie-up with its data analytics partner G-Square Solutions, has the potential to boost sales of residential properties by up to 15 per cent.

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Anarock to launch AI-based proptech solution to boost housing sales of builders

Homegrown housing brokerage firm Anarock on Tuesday said it will soon introduce a new artificial intelligence and machine learning proptech solution developed in tie-up with its data analytics partner G-Square Solutions, which will be used by Anarock as well as its developer clients.


Top 10 Data Analytics Startups Redefining the Indian Tech Space

According to a research report, the global big data market is expected to reach USD229.4 billion by 2025. This is no surprise as the use of big data and data analytics is growing each day. Here is a list of the top 10 data analytics startups in India that have been benefitting different sectors and reshaping the tech space in India.


AI fast disrupting the world of finance as you know it

“We see AI impacting every aspect of financial services industry from very large banks to fintech startups. This is a very positive thing as it will lead to lower costs and better value for the end customer,” says Gopi Suvanam, director of G-Square Solutions. “Artificial Intelligence is already adding significant value to business. An estimate by Gartner suggests the value added by AI to business can be as high as $1.2 trillion globally. Finance cannot be immune to such a drastic change” says he.


BMGI Enters Into a Strategic Partnership With G-Square

BMGI, a global management consulting firm, has entered into a strategic partnership with G-Square, a fintech start-up firm specialising in data analytics and business solutions.


G-Square wins Best Boutique Analytics Firm at CYPHER 2017

The second edition of Great Learning Data Science Awards concluded with much aplomb at the recently concluded Cypher 2017, which was the third year of its successful running as the largest analytics summit in India. The awards were brought in association with Great Lakes Institute of Management, and recognised the achievers in the analytics space.Gurpreet Singh, Co-founder & Director, G Square Solutions noted “G-Square Solutions is proud to be awarded the Boutique Analytics Company of the year in the Great Learning Data Science Awards at Cypher 2017. The Cypher summit was a rendezvous of the most intelligent analytics minds of the country & the awards provided the recognition to the companies who are doing their best to serve Clients in nurturing their true analytics potential. We at G-Square Solutions are striving to provide the best Global analytics solutions for the Financial Services Industry”


G-SQUARE SOLUTIONS: Artificial Intelligence Driven Plug & Play Analytics

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning are revolutionizing the way Industry is interacting with our data analytics solutions. The buzzword for today’s fast moving organizations is data driven decisions. That is when AI based data analytics come into play which helps in enhancing organizations’ productivity, topline and bottomline by enabling them with data on the three Ws (Which product to sell, When is the right time to sell and to Whom to sell) and one H (How to pitch through right campaigns)….


G-Square brings in a bot and plug-and-play element into analytics

Picture this. You make a phone call to a bank and someone pleasant gives you an update and all the advice you need. At work, all the data you require for an important presentation is at hand, eliminating the need for numerous research platforms and tools. Imagine if it is all present whenever you need it. Bots have been replacing human faces in everything from chats to financial advice, and analytics isn’t far behind, either. In order to make data analysis simpler, G-Square intends to….


Cypher 2016, India largest Analytics Summit, awards G-Square as the ‘Emerging Analytics Services’

Cypher 2016, India’s largest and most exciting analytics summit’s 2nd edition concluded recently. As a concluding event, Cypher hosted an Awards Ceremony in collaboration with Great Lakes Institute of Management to recognize the best in the data science world in India. The awards was a showcase of the best practices and stellar achievements of enterprises in this sector….


#inspiringstories@Awfis – One stop solution to plug and play analytics: G-Square Solutions

#inspiringstories@Awfis is an initiative by Awfis Editorial Team to showcase the brilliant business ideas and the journey of our startup member community. In a world where there is competition everywhere, it is vital to know where your business is heading. And that’s when data analytics come into play. Data analytics help in enhancing organizations’ productivity, topline and bottomline by enabling them with data….


10 Emerging Analytics Startups in India to watch for in 2017

With analytics domain expanding its wing into AI, machine learning, NLP and more, this year’s startup list has quite interesting names that are doing some intriguing work in this field. Starting from video analytics to applying analytics in digital marketing, these startups have brought in many interesting concepts to the table. After an extensive research and brainstorming, we bring to you the names of 10 such emerging analytics startups that hold a promising future. And just like last year, the task wasn’t easy, as every startup has a competitive edge to offer over others. Read below to find out 10 emerging analytics startups in India to watch for in 2017…..