Plug and play Data analytics tools from that will allow you to make better informed decisions

Plug and play Data analytics tools from that will allow you to make better informed decisions

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Narrator is G Square’s AI driven Business Intelligence & Robo analytics tool. The users get Dashboards , Smart Visualization and actionable Insights in natural language and a Data Chatbot for replying to their data queries.

It provides an end to end smart Business Intelligence (BI) solution for enterprises. The users can also choose it for specific needs like Data

Narrator has three modules:

  • Custom Analysis – Design customized reports based on your own requirements
  • Ask Narrator- This Bot feature gives answers/information/analytics on your data
  • Automated Analysis – Automated analytics on a real time basis with the press of a button

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    Clientrator is a comprehensive customer analytics tool that provides a predictive analytics productified solution at customer level. Through its Data Science modelling solutions provides next best action for organisations on each customer to increase sales and Reduce attrition.

    The functionalities of the tool are :

  • Up sell, cross sell, attrition modelling on the go.
  • Descriptive & single customer view
  • Market Basket Analysis & Lead Analytics
  • Campaign tracking or integration with external campaign tools

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    Bigdator is our big data tool meant to analyse large amount of unstructured & structured data on the go. By using Bigdator’s various modules, users can do analysis on the data available in public domain like news articles, social media like Facebook pages and on internal text data.

    The various modules in Bigdator are :

  • Newsrator: News, Articles, Blogs analysis for company/sector analysis and sentiments
  • Sociometor: Social media analytics for knowing customer
  • Textrator: Analyse large unstructured text for dejargonising the incomprehensible text and narrations

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    Derivator is G-Square’s proprietary tool for pricing and analyzing derivative products on the go. It has four modules – Fx, Equities, Interest rates and Exotics

  • The tool can be used for risk management, pricing and P & L monitoring too.
  • Analyses single trades, strategies or books in a unified platform.
  • Manages books, performs scenario analysis and stress testing.
  • Can be accessed as online tool, mobile app, excel addin, REST API or Python API

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    Riskrator is G Square’s proprietary tool which performs risk and return attribution of Equity and Fixed income portfolios. It gives consolidated risk and return attribution with various drill downs which can be used for risk measurement and risk reward analysis.

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