October 31, 2015


We provide robo-analytics products use advanced machine learning and artifical intelligence to automate business analytics.

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  • Sales analytics tool to enhance productivity of the sales function of any organization w.r.t. customer profitability, coverage and sales channel productivity
  • Comes with three modules: Narrator, Channelrator and Clientrator
  • No need to install warehouses or expensive analytics software
  • Directly analyse data from database, flat files, logs
  • Connect to campaign management software through API’s and convert insights into action




  • Big data and natural language processing tool for companies
  • Collates news, social media comments and internal texts from various sources to gauge sentiment, identify the discussion topics and analyze the trend from unstructured data.
  • Identifies social profiles and builds online personas of clients
  • Analyses the log/transactional unstructured data and generate consolidated Big data dashboards.


  • Price simple and complex derivative products on the cloud
  • Analyse single trades, strategies or books in a unified platform
  • Manage books, perform scenario analysis and stress testing
  • Access as online tool, mobile app, excel addin, REST API or Python API




  • Performs risk and return attribution of a portfolio of fixed income and equity securities
  • Provides regulatory and advanced calculations in one single tool
  • Gives consolidated risk and return attribution with various drill-downs
  • Analysis can be exported to excel or any other system using APIs