Best of G-Square’s Knowledge Series & Experiential Learning articles of Year 2022 Part 1
  1. Predicting Affluence using Proprator
    Private sector banks who have a strong customer base in retail, corporate and NR space need to assess their customers’ income levels which will help the companies in targeting specific customers and create customer centric campaigns.
  2. Solving the complex problem of Data Engineering on Amazon Data Lake
    More often than not, the real problem in creating business intelligence solutions starts at the source data integration with the BI tools or other applications. One of the clients we recently worked with needed direct data integration with their source data lake. The task was to fetch data from the Data Lake setup by the Client. The Data Lake to be used was S3 Bucket of Amazon Web Services Cloud Infrastructure.
  3. Loss given defaults modeling for banks
    To identify the estimated potential credit losses, we calculate a loan’s projected profitability. Under IFRS 9, banks are required to recognize credit losses at all times based on reasonable information, considering past, current, and future events…
  4. LoS & LMS use cases in BI tools
    The most often used systems in the financial world for Banks, NBFCs & Credit Fintech for the lending side are Loan Origination System (LOS)and Loan Management System (LMS). Without these the loans handling process is not possible for most of these organizations.

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