Finalytica Nov 2022: Experiential Learning – Loss Given Default (LGD) Modelling for Banks

Loss Given Default (LGD) Modelling for Banks


Problem Statement
To identify the estimated potential credit losses, we calculate a loan’s projected profitability. Under IFRS 9, banks are required to recognize credit losses at all times based on reasonable information, considering past, current, and future events.… Continue reading

Finalytica Oct 2022: Experiential Learning – Geolocation Analytics for Banks

Geolocation Analytics for Banks – Location based analytics

Location Analytics:

In every aspect of moving around the nooks & corner of any country, maps play an important part for any individual or any organization. The usage of location maps is across transportation – From B2C to B2B i.e.… Continue reading

Finalytica Sept 2022: Experiential Learning – LOS & LMS Use cases in BI Tools

I.  LOS, LMS & need of BI Tools:

The most often used systems in the financial world for Banks, NBFCs & Credit Fintech for the lending side are Loan Origination System (LOS)and Loan Management System (LMS). Without these the loans handling process is not possible for most of these organizations.… Continue reading

Finalytica Aug 2022: Experiential Learning – Dynamic Forex Remittance tracking through tools

In the segment where the clients deal with Non resident Indian (NRI) and Indian population who have needs of remittance to India and from India to overseas, there is a huge need to track the forex prices on a real time basis.… Continue reading

Finalytica June 2022: Experiential Learning – Complex Reporting and Dashboard creation in BI Tools

Complex Reporting and Dashboard Creation in BI Tools

The process of Business intelligence (BI) solution comprises Business Intelligence reporting, online analytical processing, analytics, dashboard development and business performance management. The entire process comprises Data Engineering, Report creation, Interactive tool usage and the automation of the process.Continue reading

Finalytica May 2022: Experiential Learning – Cloud Security for Financial Services

Cloud Security for Financial Services

Cloud adoption is rising across industries at a steady rate, with over 90% of organizations using cloud computing technology. Now while industries have started relying on cloud services for their varied data and operational needs, there is one industry that is taking its time to adopt the idea on a holistic level i.e.… Continue reading

Finalytica March 2022: Experiential Learning – Predicting Affluence using Proprator


Private sector banks who have strong customer base in retail, corporate and NR space needs to assess their customers income levels which will help the companies in targeting specific customers and create customer centric campaigns.
With the help of Real Estate portals, we can extract the required Properties information for assessing the real estate prices and thus the predicting income levels of people living in the properties.… Continue reading

Knowledge series – Best of 2021

We are glad to share some of our most read and applauded Knowledge series and Experiential Learning articles of the year 2021 to recap the year gone by.

Business intelligence (BI) solutions combine business analytics, data mining, data visualization, data tools and infrastructure, creating data models and helping organizations to make more data-driven…

Finalytica March 2021: End-to-End BI Solutioning – G-Square Solutions

Automated machine learning, also referred to as automated ML or AutoML, is the process of automating the time-consuming, iterative tasks of machine learning model development…

Finalytica Aug 2021 : Knowledge Series in The Journey of Auto Machine Learning through Clientrator – G-Square Solutions

Insights derived through Natural Language programming are used to solve the problem by providing key statistical highlights of the data, extracting valuable insights which are key pointers for business to act upon, and prescribing actions to be taken…

Finalytica June 2021: Knowledge Series in NLP based automated insights & Application in Narrator – G-Square Solutions

Based on a risk, banks and financial institutes want to take actions in these rapidly growing financial markets and one of most important risk that they are exposed to is credit risk.… Continue reading

Finalytica Dec 2021:Persistency Analytics solution for a Large Life Insurance Company


Life Insurance companies are usually looking for innovative solutions to manage their persistency business through the power of analytics to improve their persistency. They also need a user-friendly cloud-based reporting solution for Persistency tracking and enhancement.

Let’s discuss one such use case for the Persistency.… Continue reading

Finalytica Nov 2021: Experiential learning


Systematic Investment Plans in Indian Mutual fund industry is an important way of garnering inflows into Equity funds for the Indian Fund houses. The Industry has grown to regular monthly inflows of INR 10,000 crs with an investor base of around 46 million.  … Continue reading

Finalytica Sept 2021 : Knowledge Series in Successful end-to-end BI Solution implementation for an NBFC

We implemented an end-to-end BI Solution for a large Non banking finance company in India right from Data Engineering to ML based report creation to Analytics Dashboards to usage of Narrator tool to overall data & dashboard automation.  We describe the case study in detail here End to end BI solutioning


Continue reading

Finalytica Aug 2021 : Knowledge Series in The Journey of Auto Machine Learning through Clientrator

 Automated machine learning, also referred to as automated ML or AutoML, is the process of automating the time-consuming, iterative tasks of machine learning model development.. Creating a Machine-learning/Data Science model from scratch is a time-consuming and long process which has multiple stages and requires multiple iterations.Continue reading