We are super excited to share our new launch with you – Narrator’s AI Insights is here to make your data insighting stronger. Say goodbye to confusing spreadsheets and hello to a world where data becomes your trusted source for making smart decisions.

Unlocking the Power of Data with Narrator’s AI Insights

Our regular Narrator insights have been pretty decent already, giving us a peek into valuable information. Now we have added a touch of AI (artificial intelligence) to make those insights even more awesome and useful.
Currently we already have a high level of understanding of Data with Highlights & Descriptive Insights sections in Narrator

Exemplar: Revenue of New York is proportionately higher (25.6%), compared to other Product Categories (overall: 19.5%).

Hidden Patterns with Deep Insights

Delving further, we have Deep Insights – an exploration of hidden patterns and trends within the data.

For instance, Coffee Product Category has the lowest Revenue contribution (1.60%), which is caused by.
    →  Low Revenue in Texas and Florida States.
This level of detail goes beyond conventional analytics, providing a richer understanding for more informed decision-making.

Now launching the Intelligence of AI Insights

We are now glad to introduce the AI Insights, driven by machine learning algorithms. These insights are not just numbers; they’re a comprehensive attribution of current business performance.
Exemplar: A key factor for Revenue is RM Michael Clarkson, contributing $724,651(21.6%) which is high in proportional RM contribution.

    → RM Michael Clarkson’s contribution is mainly caused by City Los Angeles 72.6% ($526,276)
    → Due to Product Category Condiments has contributed 89.4% ($470,601).

Actionable Steps with Prescriptive & Actionable Insights

Narrator’s AI Insights doesn’t stop at providing information; it guides you toward actionable steps with Prescriptive Insights.

Exemplar: The opportunity area is Regions: Texas and California who are contributing (71.02%) and (71.75%) of the revenue generated by all Regions.

Finally, the introduction of future forecast and Forecasting Insights

Our Forecasting Insights empower you with a glimpse into likely business forecast numbers.

For instance, Condiments are forecasted to contribute 81.38% (110926 out of 136300) of the overall increase


Narrator’s AI Insights now power the user with much more than the earlier available high-level insights. The depth of looking beneath data has increased significantly with AI insights and additionally prescriptive & forecasting level insights will empower users to take care of futuristic view and action to be taken. So now Narrator insights enable you to turn raw data into decisions that can drive success.


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