Key Events & Reports for the Year 2023 – Data Analytics, AI & Data Science world
    • The top Data Science and AI Trends for 2023 trends as per the Annual Data Science and AI trends report by Analytics India Magazine are: 1) Data Privacy by design/legal framework will gain prominence 2) Big IT firms will move towards automating processes internally 3) Role of Chief Data Officers will be more encompassing and they will have to exhibit a more synergetic role aligned to business strategy and executive management 4) Enterprises will focus on the optimisation of cloud computing capabilities and multi-cloud strategy 5) All organisations will try to achieve a single source of truth across functions through data governance or democratisation 6) Data scientists’ focus will shift towards the software side of the tech stack to improve the processing time of training models 7) Citizen data scientists to grow in the backdrop of the rising popularity of no- code, low-code platforms 8) Companies to adopt Data Fabrics to integrate enterprise applications and data sources into the cloud 9) Generative AI will become more powerful and accessible/mainstream for SaaS platforms and product companies 10) Recession will significantly impact the hiring or letting go of data professionals
    • The top ten AI trends for 2023 which will redefine technology in the year 2023 as per Analytics Insight publication are1) Popularity of Predictive Analysis, 2) The pace through which Hyperautomation is growing, 3) AI and Cybersecurity, 4) Augmented Process and AI, 5) The Rising Popularity of AIOps,6) Machine learning and Automation (AutoML), 7) Expansion of Natural Language Processing, 8) Introduction of Virtual Agents, 9) Quantum Artificial Intelligence and 10) Edge Artificial Intelligence
    • The Top 10 Strategic Technology Trends for 2023 as per Gartner are Digital Immune System, Applied Observability, AI Trust, Risk and Security Management (AI TRISM), Industry Cloud Platforms, Platform Engineering, Wireless-Value Realization, Superapps, Adaptive AI, Metaverse and Sustainable Technology.
    • Forrester’s five forecasts for 2023 on enterprise AI deployment based on data. Forrester predicts that 10 % of the Fortune 500 will use AI-powered content generation by 2020, 2) Turing Bots will produce 10% of the world’s software and 10% of its software testing. Forrester claims that only one in every four CIOs will provide board-level updates on AI governance. 4) According to Forrester, using AI in retail healthcare will cut down on wait times by 25% and 5. Virtual Assistants won’t have to try to pass as human.
    • As per ChatGPT replies on questions pertaining to the trends in 2023 for Data Analytics Some of the top trends in data analytics include 1) Increased adoption of cloud-based analytics 2) Automation and machine learning 3) Big data 4) Data governance and security 5) Internet of Things (IoT) and edge computing 7)Data visualization. As per ChatGPT replies on questions pertaining to the trends in 2023 for Fintech it said, general trends that have been observed in the fintech industry include an increasing focus on digital payments and online banking, the use of artificial intelligence and machine learning in financial services, and the growing popularity of alternative lending platforms. Additionally, there has been a trend towards greater regulatory scrutiny and oversight of the fintech industry in recent years.

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