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A MIS Automation is an automatedreport, analysis of business or management information organized and programmed in such a way that it produces regular reports on operations for every level of management hierarchy in organization. The main purpose of the MIS Automation is to give feedback about performance & MIS top management view.

The Process involved

MIS report automation involves the following steps:

Data Transfer:

Aggregating/Updating data from different data sources using ETL on regular interval and merging Data as per requirement of Reports and trigger metrics.

Data Processing and KPI calculations:

Data processing is simply the conversion of raw data to meaningful information through a process. After aggregating and merging data, Data Processing/Cleaning is mandatory step to get more accurate reports and insights. Cleaning of text data is major partin Data processing which can be automated using AI and regular expression.

Data Filtering:

On the basis of Management Hierarchy, Data need to be filtered on the basis of different dimensions like Region, Zone, Branch and Department etc. before generating reports. The Automation can be done using hierarchy mapping data.

MIS/Automation Reports

The MIS & Analytics reports/Dashboard can be automated on a regular basic or on demand as per requirement of management. The Analytics reports will consist Trend Analysis, Graphical representation and Insights on updated data. The MIS reports will consist the high/low performing areas, improvement areas and overall portfolio at one glance.


The Trigger would be generated based on predefined metrics and threshold and would be sent to respective management / department as soon as data get updated. Example: The Sales target trigger to the supervisor for a particular branch to get attention if target being achieved till mid months is less than 40%.

Application of our BI tool Narrator

Our proprietary BI Tool, Narrator, enables all above mentioned requirement for Automation with allintegrated and updated data.

  • Full-fledged BI Tool: For Small to large businesses
  • Chat bot and APIs to query your data using natural language
  • Embedded BI & Analytics in your applications
  • Insights in natural language integrated with your systems
  • Reporting/BI automation and emailing

The Analytics / MIS reports and Triggers would be generated in Narrator and would be sent in different formats like pdf, xlsx, Email or html. For more details go through


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