• As per the latest Forrester 2022 Predictions for Asia Pacific report, Global cloud-native adoption rose last year since Developers reported increased usage of containers (33% to 42%) & serverless (26% to 32%) at their organisation which will accelerate enterprise modernisation and implement future fit technology strategies further in Year 2022. In another finding the report says in 2022, 10% of technology executives will prioritise investments in strategic partnerships and innovation practices at three times the rate of their competitors to radically expand their organisation’s creative and innovative capacity.
  • As per a latest report from CB Insights for Top 250 Fintech Companies of year 2021, out of the Unicorns 118 of the 250 companies (47%) are valued at or above $1B. In the year 2021 year-to-date (YTD), these 250 private companies have raised $40.3B in equity funding across 275 deals. 36% of the 2021 Fintech 250 are based outside the US. After the US, the UK is home to the most Fintech 250 companies (25), followed by India (12). This year’s prominent companies are based in 26 countries, including France, Brazil, Germany, Indonesia, and Nigeria.
  • As per a report by Scientists from MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL), in the ever-present quest to get machines to replicate human abilities, created a framework that’s more scaled up: a system that can reorient over 2,000 different objects, with the robotic hand facing both upwards and downwards.
  • As per a report by Oracle Asia Pacific Artificial intelligence, when used properly, can become a very potent and productive tool that enhances employee engagement and effectiveness,”. In an exclusive interaction with ET’s they talked about the huge role that technology and AI can play in supporting employees in issues related to mental health and how it can assist organisations in navigating into the post-pandemic world.  As per the survey by Oracle Asia Pacific, also showed that people in India seem to be struggling the most, as India, along with Brazil and the UAE, reported the highest number of people negatively impacted. About 91% of our survey respondents from India said that they are highly impacted in life, and it’s much higher than the global average. About 44% stated that they are struggling financially, as compared to the global average of 29%. So, this points to an area of concern, but all this has a silver lining as they’re open to technology to support. People in India are reflecting on their lives more than before. 96% of the people who reflect on your life and 92% of Indians believe that robots can support their careers, and Indians are more receptive to technology.
  • As per a report from information and communication technology (ICT), data science, and data engineering the automotive industry has increased by a whopping 45% compared with pre-Covid levels in 2019, data available with human resources services firm TeamLease service shows.

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