Life Insurance companies are usually looking for innovative solutions to manage their persistency business through the power of analytics to improve their persistency. They also need a user-friendly cloud-based reporting solution for Persistency tracking and enhancement.

Let’s discuss one such use case for the Persistency. The Client was sending manual MIS of Persistency data to a large sales channel base and their conventional business reporting tools were lacking in giving proper insights. They wanted to replace manual MIS work and also provide effective analytics-based decisions to teams for meeting the persistency targets.


G-Square installed its business intelligence tool Narrator where the persistency data was configured. The purpose was to get automation of the MIS & Dashboarding for the Sales team of various channels.  

The manual process of MIS was converted to an automated BI & Insights solution on Cloud.  The Products identification & persistency achievement targets of each sales person were configured. The process of target for Persistency prediction is a scientific machine learning process. 

First of all, based on the past trend target persistency probability was calculated for each policy using ML.  We used a Tree Bagging Machine Learning model (ensemble algorithm) where premium payment status is the dependent variable (target variable) and Geography (zone/region), Product Segment, AP Band, Billing Mode, Billing Type, Agent Status, Advisor Level (where applicable) etc. are used as the independent variables.

To calculate the scaling factor (beta) using the specified national target and the target we receive from past trend. Then the scaling factor is multiplied with the probability given by the model. The premium collection target is thus calculated at bottom of the hierarchy say an agent or agency Manager) and by aggregating the targets we go up the hierarchy till the overall channel levels and the overall business levels


The Client was provided dashboards of Persistency pertaining to various Geographies, Channels, Categories and at product level on an ongoing basis.

Our reporting tools helps giving proper analytics & insights. The senior management now gets actionable insights through Prescriptive analytics reports to improve business performance. The automated dashboard & analytics reports were configured on emails and sent out 4000 plus persistency teams on a regular basis.

The end result was the fact that Client got improved decision and performance with effective insights. Persistency at the branches have improved subsequently with improved reporting, better focus on target setting & likely predicted numbers.  


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