✓ The annual Data Science and AI Trends report by Analytics India Magazine and Analytixlabs covering the 2021 trends based on popular industry opinions was published recently. The key trends as per the report are: 1) Cloud will back Analytics deployments 2) Automation and intelligent machines will drive critical roles 3) NLP models will be bigger than ever and power Human-Machine conversations 4. Emerging Tech will fill essential gaps across non-traditional Domains 5. AI In Cybersecurity will address major Security loopholes 6. Businesses will see Real-Time actionable data consumption 7. Customers will be the priority 8. Federated Learning & Counterfactuals will be the Game Changer 9. AI ops, ML ops & IT ops will streamline processes 10. Policy & Regulatory interventions will define production of ML models.

✓ The Indian Railways is working on using artificial intelligence and data analytics in a big way to improve its operational efficiency. The national transporter is planning to use AI and data analytics in train operations, passengers ticket booking, maintenance of systems, freight operations, and railways assets.

✓ The European Investment Bank (EIB), together with the European Investment Fund (EIF), launched a new financing instrument, in the form of a co-investment facility of up to €150 million, to support artificial intelligence companies across Europe.

✓ Some of the key findings of NASSCOM & Zinnov Talent Demand & Supply report in AI & Big data Analytics suggest that the total demand for AI and Big data analytics (BDA) in India is estimated to be around 800,000 in the year 2021. India had an employed talent pool of 370,000 skilled in AI & BDA in the year 2018 is now likely to go up to 570,000 in 2021. The total fresh employable talent from Indian universities which is working on new age technologies was 78,000 couple of years back is likely to grow every year at 5% till 2021. The total demand gap supply gap in AI is likely to grow to 140,000 by the next year.


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