Clientrator – A Complete ML Modelling & MLOps Tool

Why the need for a ML tool?

Predictive analytics using Artificial Intelligence and including machine learning (AI & ML) is one of the fastest areas of growth in any data-centric organization. The reason behind this growth is increased adoption of the ML in all mature organization given the success from running ML based data strategies.

Data scientists who are expert in AI & ML techniques are in huge demand across the globe. Currently most of the process in the ML space is done as services and data Scientists enable the entire process.

The other leg is the ML ops which also needs to be enabled by the Data Engineers to provide the data upfront and most importantly the execution of the ML model outcomes in Client’s core systems.

To avoid running of these processes on an automatic basis is a big gap which some ML tools and platforms are trying to bridge. The tool should enable both ML modelling and ML ops for both the Data Engineering as well as Data Science side.

Clientrator – A complete ML modelling & ML Ops tool

Clientrator is a comprehensive AI & ML driven data analytics tool from G-Square which solves multiple use cases of predictive analytics. Clientrator can analyze multiple business features in the data, test & apply various ML models to provide predictive propensity scores of the target variables i.e., end predictive & likely output of the event.


Features of the Tool

Clientrator does not require any coding expertise, machine learning models and analysis can be done using a no-code approach. Advanced features like calculated variables can be accessed using simple/low-code syntax.

Modelling Options

Clientrator can test & use various evolved ML models in Supervised as well as unsupervised models like Decision tree, Random Forest, Logistics Regression, XGBoost, Neural Networks etc to arrive at the best ML model, which is applied to give the most effective productive output.

Some of the Business Use Cases

While Clientrator can solve multiple predictive analytics problems, some of our pre-existing use cases already done in Clientrator through the tool or APIs are listed below. This is not a comprehensive list but some of the use cases.

Benefits, Output, and Integration

The output from the tool can be given within the tool or as APIs which can be integrated with the core systems of the Client. The end output helps organisations to create focussed & targeted digital marketing, sales focus or measure likely defaults or attritions.

The tool endeavours to save upto 50% of the time for Data Engineers and Data Scientists by saving time on the data connections, rather than building models using existing model libraries and already suggested optimal model and auto integration with execution engines or tools.


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