Predicting Active Covid-19 cases in India based on Vaccination

Case study based on Transfer Learning from US and UK

Current Covid scenario globally

The novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19) has threatened public health on various levels worldwide. Because of the unpredictable outbreak nature and the virus’s pandemic intensity, people are experiencing depression, anxiety, and other strain reactions.… Continue reading

Key Trends of AI/ML and Data Analytics world in the Year 2021

Key highlights of PWC survey report: 2021 AI Predictions: No uncertainty here

  • This trend is crystal clear: US companies are ramping up their AI investments. Fifty-two percent of our survey respondents have accelerated their AI approach in the wake of the COVID-19 crisis.
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Experiential Learning: Predicting Active Corona Cases in the US, India and Brazil

In the last predictive analysis series on Covid-19, we had tried to predict the likely active cases in US, India and UK basis learning from Spain and Italy. The predictions turned out to be close to what the actual numbers were.… Continue reading

Predicting Active Corona Cases in the US, the UK and India

A Transfer Learning Approach

When we predict any time series data we typically use internal data and predict the future for example when we predict the temperature of a city we use historic temperature of the city and predict the future using a model.Continue reading

Best of G-Square’s 2018 Articles repository

Sentiment Analysis


Sentiment Analysis (SA) in business, also known as opinion mining (OM) is a process of identifying and cataloging a piece of text according to the tone conveyed by it. The text can be tweets, comments, feedback, news or random texts with positive, negative and neutral sentiments associated with them…

G-Square’s Fund Ranking Model


An investor seeking capital gain for lower risk will always turn towards Mutual Fund schemes as an investment option, reason being its diversification and professional management.… Continue reading

Key Trends in the Data Analytics, BI, AI and Fintech world for the year 2019


  • The total investment made by venture capital investors in the Indian startups stood at $7.9 billion in 2018, the third highest tally of the decade. A report released by global audit firm KPMG said that the deal sizes in India grew considerably last year, a sign of increasing maturation of the India VC market.
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Finalytica Experiential Learning: Sentiment Analysis in our products



  1. Sentiment analysis of News articles in NEWSRATOR

Before the era of Internet, the only way for an organization to track its reputation in the media was to hire someone for the specific task of reading newspapers and manually compiling lists of positive, negative and neutral references to the organization.… Continue reading

Credit Risk analytics on the go – Solving typical Credit risk problems

Problem statements

Customers typically wants to automate the process of loans underwriting by using applicants personal data & underwriters comments data of past applications. Thus Clients want an automated solution for processing loans on the go for onboarding new customers


We analyse the demographics, various scores of applicants & textual comments & identify most important factors which will help in the rejection or approval of applications.… Continue reading

News and happenings in Analytics and Fintech world: March 2018

1) Eight Analytics Trends for the Intelligent Enterprise identified in a report by Microstrategy:

  1. AI will reshape analytic and business innovation
  2. Competition for data science and analytics talent
  3. Convergence of real-time and Batch-based analytics
  4. Voice and natural language interfaces become mainstream
  5. Convergence
  6. Emergence of augmented analytics
  7. Machine learning, AI and edge and video analytics
  8. Access vs.
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Value at Risk

Market risk refers to the risk of losses in an organisations trading book due to changes in equity prices, interest rates, credit spreads, foreign-exchange rates, commodity prices, and other indicators whose values are set in a public market. To manage market risk, organizations deploy a number of highly sophisticated mathematical and statistical techniques.… Continue reading

Finalytica Jan-2018

A quick preview of developments in Analytics and AI space in India in 2017

  • Amazon Web Services adds AI to cloud by adding services such as image analysis, visual search, speech recognition among others
  • Google is upping its stake in India big time on AI and ML with Cloud India Region by announcing setting up its first cloud region in Mumbai within this year.
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Fund Transfer Pricing

What is a Fund Transfer Pricing System and why is it needed?

A Funds transfer pricing (FTP) is the process through which banks

and other financial institutes allocate their earnings to the various lines of businesses in which they are engaged.Continue reading