Social Media Analytics

For an AMC


  • The client is one of the largest AMC in India.
  • The Client wanted to manage their social media campaigns.
  • They also wanted to address customers on their posts on their social media channels.


  • We used our Bigdator tool’s module for Social media analytics – Sociometor & its libraries for knowing & addressing customer behaviour through sentiment & intent scores on their Social media channels.
  • The scraping was done to fetch the comments and then perform analytics on all such posts and comments using these libraries for evaluation on the social media portals like open pages/handles of Twitter & Instagram.
  • Sentiment and Intent like prospective, complaining, deprecating, appreciating, querying customers set up was done.
  • Individual, Company sentiment scores for Facebook, Twitter and Instagram were fetched through APIs on a daily basis in Sociometor.


  • Social media campaign launched by the client were tracked through the tool.
  • The client was able to respond to their customers on their queries on their social media pages.
  • They were able to track competition social media pages and get analytics on how the customers are responding to them on their Twitter and Instagram pages.
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