Sales enhancement through ML scoring on MYSQL

For India’s largest funds distributor


  • India’s largest funds distributor seeks sales enhancement through machine learning.
  • Need to leverage on-premise MySQL data for predictive sales analytics.


  • Accessed client’s on-premise MySQL database to extract historical sales and client data.
  • Designed a robust Machine Learning (ML) pipeline for batch processing of data.
  • Implemented feature engineering to derive insights from client behaviour, fund performance, and market trends.
  • Trained ML models (e.g., Random Forest, XGBoost) to predict client propensity to buy and optimal fund recommendations.
  • Scheduled batch processes for regular model retraining and scoring to adapt to market changes.


  • Batch ML process generates personalised fund recommendations and identifies high-potential clients.
  • Sales teams equipped with ML insights, leading to targeted strategies and increased fund distribution.
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