Case Study : Sales Channel Analytics

For a large Wealth Management Company




The client has about large sales channel but only about 30% of them are active and about 20% of them were producing significantly.
Channel nurturing cost is very high hence low productivity causes drop in profitability .
The client had accumulated sales and business data over the last decade.




The client wanted to identify set of dormant sales channel who can be activated.
The client also wanted to identify specific products for each sales channel and campaign strategies for active sales channel




  • G-Square developed channel segmentation tool for targeting specific set of sale people with specific products and campaigns.
  • G-Square identified set of channels that could be most likely reactivated through analytics.
  • G-Square created sales style score cards for sales channels based on quantitative & qualitative inputs.
  • ...



  • Increased channel productivity
  • Enhanced sales in the existing client base through the sales channel.
  • A specific campaign on a cluster of sales channel identified using analytics has resulted in 34% pick up sales for that particular group compared to previous averages.
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