Case Study : Sales Channel Analytics

For a large Asset Management Company




The Client is an Asset Management company and subsidiary of a large Indian Public Sector bank. The client has large sales channel but only about 50% of them were active and about 15% of them were producing significantly. Amongst all the channels, the IFA base is largely inactive The available sales and business data over the last five years was being consolidated in a data warehouse of late




The client had a large number of inactive IFA’s. Their main concern was to increase performance of the inactive IFAs. Based on the above problem, the client requirement was to work on the following domain:

  • Increase productivity by identifying set of dormant sales channel who can be activated.
  • Providing prescription to the inactive or dormant sales channel identified to increase performance.
  • The client also wanted to identify IFA specific products for cross selling and upselling.

  • ...



  • G-Square identified set of IFAs that could be most likely reactivated by clustering the IFA groups on the basis of their business parameters.
  • The inactive clusters were given a set of sales prescription based upon their performance in the last few years.
  • G-Square deployed its proprietary product Channelrator at Client site
  • Channelrator also provided sales style score cards for sales channels
  • Scores were based on quantitative & qualitative inputs. The inputs consisted of derived parameters like the IFAs performance w.r.t market, consistency and persistency of the IFAs and the business parameters.

  • ...



    The client has a tool to track the sales performance and potential of its IFA channel and is able to run sales campaigns based on the prescriptive strategies for each IFA as suggested by the tool on an ongoing basis

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