Riskrator Tool

For an Indian PMS Provider


  • The client is one of the established PMS provider in India catering to HNI clients.
  • They were wanting to provide detailed portfolio analytics to each of their customer based on risk-return attribution & other market parameters.


  • Riskrator was implemented to provide the desired solution to the client where we configured risk-return analysis of client’s portfolios.
  • Risk analysis and market risk reports are generated.
  • Analysis of their portfolio and transactions were created for Portfolio Managers.
  • Riskrator is installed on our cloud and provides the desired solution to the client.


  • Riskrator performs risk-return attribution of equity portfolio.
  • It can be accessed as online tool, mobile app, REST API or Python API.
  • Marketing teams gets an automated fact sheet without any manual intervention.
  • Asset managers are using it for analysis of their portfolio and transactions.
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