Predictive Analytics

For a Tech Aggregator in Real Estate

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  • The client based out of UK is a Tech Aggregator in Real Estate with interest in Investment Banking too
  • The underlying Client was evaluating buying a pool of Greece properties with help of our Client
  • The Client wanted to Construct a mathematical model to predict the Price and Rent of the Properties in Greece
  • The predictions were to be data driven using data from various public sources. Price and rentals were to be predicted for each property in the portfolio
  • We trained data collected from public sources.
  • We cleaned data, corrected for outliers, blanks and erroneous values. We binned certain variables like floor, build year etc and got small number of bins .
  • We evaluated several models, performed feature transformations, analyzed relationships and statistical properties .
  • G-Square selected the best performing model (outside training sample), built models for confidence interval and applied on final data
  • We predicted price, rentals and confidence intervals for each property and overall portfolio .
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