News Analytics & Curated Newsletter

For a Dubai Wealth Management Company

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  • A Wealth Management Company catering to UHNIs in Dubai .
  • The Client wanted to its wealthy customers for their wealth management customers.
  • The desired output was awareness of developments in Global equity, debt & Fx markets .
  • We set up our Newsrator tool for their corporate office. The setup involved scrapping news & developments using APIs & scrapping global websites for curating the keywords of interest.
  • The coverage included news on International Markets including Equity markets, Debt markets, Forex markets, Economy, Global & Macroeconomic developments.
  • A topic enrichment for those keywords using ML modelling was done at the back-end.
  • Curator Newsletters were curated based on the required UI etc.
  • Daily Curated Newsletter using our Curator service in the desired formats are sent out to more than 100 wealth customers of the company on a daily basis.
  • The coverage in the Newsletter was News and analytics on news including ML generated summary, sentiment, keywords, news classification, financial facts analysis etc.
  • The Newsrator tool access was also given to their product team which provides daily news & news analytics.
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