Lead Analytics

For Large Real Estate Advisory Company


  • The client is a player in Real Estate Advisory Space.
  • It does extensive marketing of marquee Real Estate projects across the country through digital marketing.
  • The client wanted to build a strong AI model to generate warm & hot leads from huge new lead base to convert them in the bookings.
  • The client also wanted to build a strong aI model for leads being discarded by their call center.


  • G-Square collated all data pertaining to call centre, RM calling, Project details, past bookings & failures of each project at city level.
  • Using these factors, we tried various AI models like XG Boost, Logistic Regression, CatBoost, Random Forest & CatBoost was finalised in our predictive analytics tool Clientrator.
  • Finally, we developed robust propensity models for conversion and lift at all stages of sales process.
  • The models are productified in our proprietary tool Clientrator for predictive lead behaviour of each call done being originally or being rechurned


  • The new Leads are now scored at every step of the sales process to be rechurned for calling and converting them to site visits and eventually booking based on a Look alike model of each new project based on past project sales behaviour.
  • The eventual rechurned calling and the next stage sales process pursuing is resulting in significant revenue benefits to the Client in the range of 5 -15%
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