Intelligence Tool

For A Retail Tech Company

Bootstrap 101 Template
  • The client is in the space of providing technology solutions to the unorganised Retail market in India.
  • The Client caters to providing solutions for both the retail as well as the Brands.
  • The Client has a continuous need of data intelligence for both the retail stress as well as Brands.
  • They wanted to have a tool which can process multiple transactions at the point of sales (PoS) & provide data intelligence.
  • Integration of raw data from their multiple PoS data in our tool Narrator was done.
  • The access to the data & mapping with respective stores was created to have view at Merchant, brand and overall levels.
  • Access to Store level, Chain level, Brand and overall levels was given in Narrator and Dashboards created for view of respective reports required for each user.
  • For Retailer – The reports & actionable insights from Narrator was focussed on what, when & where are the sales happening on any SKU or Category wise and the appropriate timing for the same.
  • For Brands – Dashboards and Reports were created for intelligence dashboards wrt Stores performance, Category performance and performance wrt the competition brands to plan their promotion strategy.