Financial forecasting & insighting

For a large US based MNC in Contact Management


  • The client is a large Contact management services company based in the United States with presence in 40 countries.
  • The client wanted to develop robust financial forecasting models encompassing both overall projections and client-specific forecasts.
  • Additionally, the client aimed to extract actionable insights from these models to inform strategic decision-making.


  • G-Square team devised a comprehensive approach focusing on the implementation of ML models like K-means, multivariate LSTM and LIME for financial forecasting and attribution.
  • Leveraging the capabilities of Google Cloud Platform (GCP),Utilized LIME for extracting actionable insights, detecting anomalies, trends, and forecasts, linking findings to business factors for deeper understanding of underlying dynamics.
  • Developed VertixAI pipelines for automated predictive revenue modeling, enabling biannual training and monthly forecasting.
  • To ensure seamless integration with the client’s existing infrastructure, we used Looker for dashboard visualization and Vertex AI for advanced analytics.


  • Our solution enabled the client to achieve accurate and insightful financial forecasting at client’s code, business verticals and portfolio levels.
  • Through advanced analytics and machine learning, our solution empowered the client to extract actionable insights on the forecasted data.
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