Enterprise BI solution

For a Large Life Insurance Company


  • We worked one of the largest insurance companies for implementation of an Enterprise-wide Business Intelligence (BI) solution.
  • The Client needed automation of the entire BI process including direct data integration with their source data lake.


  • The task was to fetch data from the Data Lake setup by them.
  • The Data Lake used was S3 Bucket of Amazon Web Services Cloud Infrastructure.
  • This ETL process performed by our Dev Ops team to get data from S3 bucket Data Lake to our column-oriented relational database Monet DB.
  • We used a NoSQL database MongoDB to store data structures and automated the process. Post which, we configured all reports and dashboards and set it up in a format as required by them.


  • All the required reports and dashboards are now accessed through our Narrator tool.
  • The 3000 odd Narrator users ranging from front line sales people to supervisors. Thus, the entire BI process ranging from data engineering to dashboard creation to data updation to tool access has been automated resulting in savings of resources and cost involved in the process.