BI Solution

For a Retail NBFC


  • The NBFC is one of the Private sector Retail NBFCs in India.
  • They have large amount of retail loans of various kinds.
  • A Retail NBFC wanted an end-to-end BI solution for data integration with LOS/LMS.
  • They wanted customised reports and Dashboards for Collection, Sales and Accounting to track the business on live basis.


  • Automated transfer of data from LoS and LMS to the BI solution.
  • Created and automated Reports in Narrator under the below categories: Financial Reports, Sales Reports, Collections Reports.


  • Automation of Reports/Alerts for emailing: Automated reports are triggered from Narrator on a specified frequency as emailers to respective users, Apart from the automated reports, alert emailers also gets triggered based on predetermined logics.
  • The BI helps to track the movement within the business such as branch wise transfer of DPD buckets, movement of NPA, non-performing branches and take actionable accordingly. Regular MIS and event based alert reports are sent to the client on a regular basis.
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