Digital Marketing campaign-analytics

For a wealth management company


  • The client is a large wealth management company in India with a large customer base selling range of financial products.
  • The client wanted to identify customer behavior, enabling targeted campaigns tailored to individual preferences. Specifically,
  • The campaigns spanned a wide range of categories including product-specific, mode of investment, tax-saving.


  • We began by collating data from the client database, capturing essential metrics such as click rate, open rate, and conversion rates.
  • We created unique customer profiles associated with specific campaigns, enabling granular analysis of customer engagement.
  • We extracted client-level business KPIs, including Assets under Management (AuM) and Gross Sales, from the core transactional database. Demographic information at the client level was also sourced from the core database to enrich the analysis and to understand the customer behavior and campaign performance.


  • Our analysis revealed valuable insights into customer propensity and campaign effectiveness, empowering the client to optimize their digital marketing strategies.
  • By analysing customer behavior and campaign performance, we identified trends and patterns driving customer engagement. This enabled the client to tailor their campaigns more effectively, delivering personalized messaging through the preferred channels of their target audience.
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