Derivator Tool

For a Midsize Indian Bank


  • A fast-growing Private Sector bank in India.
  • The bank wanted to give access to its wholesale clients for trading in Fx to assess risk-return scenarios before they executed the trade with the bank.


  • We provided them the solution on our Derivator cloud hosting and connected to their main website. The login was created based on an user name and OTP.
  • The tool was made accessible as online tool, mobile app, excel addin, REST API or Python API.


  • Derivator prices simple and complex derivative products for Fx options, fixed income derivatives and equity derivatives on the cloud.
  • The clients were able to use it for pricing strategies in Fx options in multiple currencies and run scenario analysis. They were able to analyse single trades, run various strategies and manage books in a unified platform.
  • They are able to manage single trade & a mix of trade strategies performed various scenario analysis and ran stress testing on the fly with the Client.
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