Data Integration of AWS Data lake for the BI process

For a large Life Insurance company


  • Large Life Insurance company seeking sales tracking reports using data from Amazon S3 bucket
  • Data transformation required on S3 data to generate insights via BI tool.


  • Integrated data from client’s Amazon S3 bucket with on-premise Teradata for comprehensive analysis.
  • Employed G-Square’s proprietary ETL process to extract, transform, and load data, ensuring integrity.
  • Transformed data seamlessly integrated into Narrator BI tool, deployed on AWS cloud for scalability.
  • Wrote queries and functions for transforming raw data in the calculated measures and KPIs.
  • The data pipeline process was configured for regular data transfer on the AWS data lake to our BI tool.


  • G-Square’s ETL process transformed S3 and Teradata for the Narrator BI tool in AWS.
  • Robust and efficient data pipeline built which brings data live from multiple sources is live every day morning.
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