Dashboarding Tool

For An Organic Food E-Commerce Client


  • The Client wanted to streamline the BI process & have a dashboarding solution.
  • They wanted to provide intelligence Dashboard for tracking sales on the portal & through channels and for product promotion strategy.


  • Integration of raw data and performing multiple transformation and mappings were done from the Core MySql DB.
  • Three layers of data – one being the portal data, second being amazon data and the other being the channel data which included the sales from other products (financial products) too were fetched & automated.
  • Narrator tool with access to the data & mapping with respective direct sales & channel sales was configured.
  • The tracking of reports included Dimensions like Category, Sub-category, SKUs, direct or channel and KPIs like sales, revenue & indicators like trends & growth, what is selling & what is not were configured.
  • The prescriptive & actionable insights from Narrator was focussed on what promotions can be done SKU/Category wise and the appropriate timing for the same.


  • Automated Dashboards for view of the B2C sales on the portal and the activity at the Sales Channel were configured in Narrator.