Analytics Solution

For US Hotels

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  • The client is a large Hotel Revenue Management Company.
  • The underlying Hotel Clients were the US Hotel Franchisee comprising Hilton Marriott etc
  • Client wanted to replace manual MIS work and also provide insights on the reporting.
  • They wanted to replace their manual reporting with an automated & smart solution.
  • Integration of raw data and performing multiple transformation and mappings to create different reports.
  • Customization and beautification of Reports.
  • Send Email with NLP based insights as the data gets updated.
  • Automating the whole process from integration to sending MIS as an email.
  • Automated custom formatted MIS reports along with customized NLP based insights which can be either downloaded or directly mailed using our tool.
  • Trend insights, performance insights, relationship insights based on different levels that gets generated automatically as the data is updated.
  • The manual process of MIS was completely replaced by an automated solution on Cloud. G-Square installed its tool Narrator which now enables the Client to get automation of the MIS & Dashboarding for their various hotel property clients.
  • The automated NLP based insights and analytics reports are sent through emails to the client twice a day.
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