Case Study 1 : Customer Analytics

For a large bank




The client is a large private sector bank in India with a large savings and current account base. Along with their own products, client also sells third party products like Life Insurance, Health Insurance, Mutual Funds etc. Client has been selling these products with sales push strategy across all the regions.




The client wanted to identify the potential customers from their existing customer base, to whom they can sell targeted third party products. The client also wanted to know when and how to target these prospects.




  • G-Square analysed the demographics, buying pattern & banking behaviour of customers and identified most important factors which affects the propensity of buying the third party products.
  • Using these factors, G-Square developed a robust Propensity Model using ‘R’ tool.
  • A few thousand customers were identified with the help of propensity model, who have very high propensity to buy targeted products
  • G-Square also analysed the time series data to identify the time period for targeting set of prospective customers
  • ...



    G-Square’s solution helped client to focus on right customers which is giving them significant lift in the third party products than the traditional approach.

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