Customer cross sell analytics model

For a Large Bank


  • The client is a large private sector bank in India with a significant savings and current account holders base.
  • The Client has various products in Assets and liabilities with a mix of vintage and new clients.
  • The Bank wanted to analyze customer portfolios at a more micro level.
  • The client also wanted to know when and how to target these prospects.


  • All products of the bank including liabilities, assets & third-party products were analyzed using various statistical model.
  • An alternate approach to look at customer relationship was created using a value to customer approach.
  • Thus a dual approach on customer relationship through an existing CLTV and Value to customer was created.


  • G-Square’s VTC scoring model is used with the CLTV model for better customer customers engagement.
  • Product targeting and likely attrition is also done basis the quadrant where the customer lies.
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