Credit Risk Process & Automation

For a Fast Growing bank

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  • The client is a fast-growing private sector Indian bank & has a large SME customers in the asset book .
  • Data required to monitor credit risk of various facilities given to the SME customers is scattered in various systems and databases .
  • Underwriting , Compliance, Risk areas where to be covered .
  • Review, Unhedged Foreign Currency , Quarterly Review, Risk Based Pricing, FTP, Rating modules were developed
  • Credit risk process automation helps in scaling up the business faster and gives competitive advantage in a digital world .
  • Currently monitoring and controls were being done using excel sheets and temporary activities .
  • The client required automation and better processes in portfolio risk monitoring and controls .
  • G-Square built a comprehensive risk data mart for monitoring portfolio risk
  • G-Square has automated data entry and risk controls at various levels .
  • The risk mart is used for MIS, Analytics and identifying specific controls
  • The processes automated included: Underwriting standards, Risk based pricing, Foreign currency exposure
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