Credit Portfolio Monitoring

For a Large Bank Using Bigdator


  • A Large bank in the Private sector with a large customer base.
  • Various lending segments ranging from SME to Mid to Large Corporates.
  • Head of Credit Risk department and portfolio analytics team wanted to track existing and prospective lending portfolio.
  • Any early warning signal or action is desirable on the credit portfolio.


  • The areas to be tracked including a list of companies, key personnel and certain Industries which were part of their credit loan portfolio.
  • These keywords were configured and enriched in Newsrator using our dictionaries.
  • A curated Newsletter was created for each relationship manager with respective tracking to their relevant companies and other keywords.
  • Newsrator helps scrape News, Articles, Blogs for the credit portfolio companies of the bank.
  • It also does news summarisation, sentiment analysis, news classification, financial facts summarisation and traces any early warning signals for those companies.


  • The Newsrator module of Bigdator which is a news analytics tool meant to extract relevant news, was implemented at the bank.
  • Relevant people, sectors and other topics of interest are also being tracked.
  • Early warning signals are created for any alerts on the likely reduction in credit quality thus enabling bank to do regular credit portfolio monitoring.
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