Channel Segmentation

For A Large Stock Exchange

Bootstrap 101 Template
  • The client is the largest Stock Exchange of the Country.
  • They are a platform to trade in Equities, Fixed Income, Currency, Commodities etc through its Broker/Member network.
  • The Client wanted to know how the 1500 odd members trade in various asset classes on the exchange.
  • Client wanted to determine appropriate engagement strategy with each Member to increase their business on the exchange.
  • We collected the data pertaining to the volumes, value of each member over a longer period of time.
  • We used various parameters like trading data on transactions, value, asset class, products, timing skewness of the trades, growth/trends over a period of time, linkage to the markets & correlation, kind of investors, consistency etc
  • We built Clustering analysis based on the above data and classified each Member to cohesive groups.
  • The Exchange house got a Member segmentation analysis based on the Clustering we had created for theme based on the approach.
  • The classification like Growing, Investing in rising markets, investing in bearing markets, consistent, slowing were created based on multi-dimensional parameters.
  • The Exchange is using the analysis for increasing the business based on business strengths and where there are gaps.