Building Market risk solution from Core Banking System (T24) and SQL Server.

For a Middle Eastern Bank


  • A Middle Eastern Asian bank needed market risk calculations on diverse portfolio elements.
  • Requirement for specialised tools to calculate interest rate, FX, and derivative risks.
  • Main problem statement was to manage the data coming from Oracle and SQL


  • Extracted portfolio data from client’s Oracle DB and T24’s SQL Server.
  • Developed customised ETL process to transform and optimise data for risk calculations.
  • On-premise batch processing with customised ETL for efficient data handling.
  • Implemented Riskrator for interest rate and FX risk computations on transformed data.
  • Utilised Derivator tool for complex derivative valuations, enhancing risk assessment accuracy.


  • Data transfer process is now full automated
  • Riskrator and Derivator provided comprehensive market risk insights on the bank’s portfolio.
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