Insights for Unstructured Data

Bigdator is our big data tool primarily meant to analyse large amounts of unstructured data on the go. By using Bigdator’s various modules, users can do analysis on the data available in public domain like news articles, social media like Twitter, Instagram and Facebook pages and also on internal textual data in the form of pdf documents or urls. With Bigdator you can:

  • Gather and curate news through AI
  • Get 360 degree summary of large articles
  • Get ML based intent and sentiment of text in the form of articles, emails, social media comments etc
  • Extracts financial facts out of articles or text

All of the above can accessed through UI or through APIs. The various modules in Bigdator are :

*       Newsrator: News, Articles, Blogs analysis for company/sector/key-people analysis, summary, key words extraction an sentiments
*       Sociometor: Social media analytics for knowing what your customer has to say about you on social media
*       Textrator: Analyse large unstructured text for generating an adjustable length summary and extracting sentiment

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