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  • The client is a a leading fintech company that specializes in retail debt collections for banks & Credit fintech. .
  • They are committed to providing top-quality debt collection services across India .
  • The client wanted to streamline the BI process and wanted a dashboarding solution to track their business operations.
  • The client wanted to replace their manual reporting with automated solution and integrate Narrator with their CRM .
  • The data has been retrieved from Mongo database and seamlessly migrated it to a Monet database. This was achieved through an efficient ETL process, ensuring the smooth transfer of data while maintaining its integrity.
  • Transforming the raw data and mappings to create different reports
  • We automated the ETL process through a Cron Job. This automated scheduling ensures that the data is regularly updated on hourly basis. .
  • We have automated the process of ETL and streamlined the process of data fetching through client’s databases.
  • We have integrated the Narrator into client’s CRM and provided Single sign-in(SSO) authentication login.
  • Created multiple reports in customized format as per Client requirement:
  • Clients can easily understand and actionable insights through Narrator with very high speed and performance.
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