Analytics Solution

For a Large Life Insurance Company

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  • The client is a very large Insurance company having tons of customers data .
  • They provide various insurance financial products through a large sales channel network
  • Large Insurance company which sends manual MIS on Persistency data to a large sales channel base .
  • Client wanted to replace manual MIS work and also provide effective analytics-based decisions to teams .
  • Their conventional business reporting tools were lacking in giving proper insights .
  • The manual process of MIS was completely replaced by an automated solution on Cloud. G-Square installed its tool Narrator which now enables the Client to get automation of the MIS & Dashboarding for the Sales team of various channels.
  • Products identification & persistency achievement targets of each sales person were configured.
  • Improved decision and performance with effective insights, Our reporting tools helps giving proper analytics & insights.
  • The Client was provided dashboards of Persistency pertaining to various Geographies, Channels, Categories and at product level on an ongoing basis.
  • The automated dashboard & analytics reports are sent through emails to a 4000 + sales team on a regular basis .
  • The Senior management gets actionable insights through Prescriptive Analytics reports to improve business performance.
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