BI HR Tool

For a Pharma Company

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  • The client was looking at a solution which can give them control over the entire HR data of plants & offices.
  • The Client needed an HR solution which can give them a control on the manpower planning i.e. hiring, attrition based on productivity.
  • The client is a large pharma company and they were looking for a solution HR operation.
  • The manning & attrition analytics automated reports were configured in Narrator
  • Reports and some triggers & alerts were configured on a predetermined frequency or based on meeting of a milestone or breaching of certain levels.
  • The main focus was to configure reports and dashboards on Employee manning & predicting attrition ahead of time based on productivity of each employee, plant & Site.
  • Narrator BI tool used to create reports and dashboards.
  • Manning & Attrition analytics dashboards
  • Employee Productivity analytics
  • Employee Optimisation
  • Alerts & Triggers on manpower gaps
  • Configuration of Narrator on client side.
  • Effort saved for the HR department for report preparations.

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