Enhancing Collections efficiency of credit cards

For a large Asian bank


  • A leading Asian bank sought to optimize its credit card collection process through advanced analytics and predictive modeling.
  • The objective was to enhance efficiency and effectiveness at every step of the collections process, from early delinquency detection to successful debt recovery.


  • We conducted comprehensive data extraction, excluding irrelevant information through a Waterfall process while ensuring the integrity of the dataset.
  • We created M1 and M2 scenarios to capture different aspects of customer behavior and credit risk.
  • We conducted Roll-rate analysis to categorize accounts as High, Medium, or Low Risk, providing a foundation for targeted collection strategies.


  • Our solution enabled the bank to significantly improve its credit card collection efforts across all stages of the process.
  • By leveraging predictive models, we identified customers at risk of delinquency early on, allowing the bank to intervene proactively and prevent further escalation.
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