Building robust data pipelines

For a large Collections Fintech Company


  • The client is one of the prominent telecommunications company based in Middle East-Asia.
  • They wanted to migrate their collection management system data from MongoDB to Oracle database. The primary objective was to create a robust data pipeline capable of transforming data from a non-structured database to a structured one.


  • We designed the data migration process, ensuring seamless transfer of data from MongoDB to Oracle.
  • Each step of the pipeline was crafted to handle the complexities of data transformation and ensure accuracy.
  • The technology stack utilized for the migration included Python for scripting and automation, MongoDB as the source database, Oracle as the target database, alongside pipeline creation techniques and data validation checks for ensuring seamless and accurate data transfer.
  • To facilitate this, we developed robust pipelines and utilized Python queries to manage the transfer of 20 tables, ensuring data integrity throughout the migration process.


  • The newly established data pipeline not only streamlined the migration process but also provided a scalable framework for future data management tasks .
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