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Finalytica July, 2019: Experiential Learning

Prescriptive Analytics for Sales: Combining Analytics with Business Understanding

BI and reports have been driving salesforce in an organization for some time now. But building reports manually on a monthly / weekly / regular basis is daunting, boring, and error prone.… Continue reading

Finalytica July, 2019: Latest Happenings

The Big Data and Analytics industry has gone through major disruptions in the last five years. Analytics & Data Science Industry in India 2019 As per a study by Analytics India magazine with Praxis Business School.… Continue reading

Finalytica June, 2019: Experential Learning

Credit Risk Rating Using Supervised ML and Business Understanding

The risk rating models are designed to help assess the likelihood of default. Assessing risk at the loan level provides an opportunity to aggregate risk at the portfolio level and can help to quantify the risks based on the type of loan, geographic location or region, industry sector, or other variables including financials.… Continue reading

Finalytica June, 2019: Latest Happenings

  • As per a study done by Microsoft and IDC, AI will double the rate of Innovation and employee productivity in Indian enterprises by the year 2021. While only one-third of Organisations in India have embarked on their AI journeys, those companies that have adopted this technology expect it to increase their competitiveness by 2.3 times in 2021, said the study that surveyed 200 business leaders and 202 workers in the country.
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Finalytica May, 2019: Experential Learning

Converting Content to a Chat-Bot

The best way to learn or understand information is through asking questions. A QnA format of learning is more effective than reading long form content, especially when time is critical. More over searching for an information and reading multiple documents just to know one thing is inefficient.… Continue reading

Finalytica May, 2019: Latest Happenings

  •     India has beaten China as the leading Fintech startup hub in Asia by attracting a larger volume of investments in the first quarter of 2019 revealing the contrasting environment in both the countries from an investor and regulatory point of view.
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Finalytica April, 2019: Experential Learning

G-Square Architecture for Unified Analytics

G-Square Solutions provides a complete package/architecture for unified analytics, which helps its clients in achieving various analytics & machine learning tasks right from the ETL of data to its final analytical usage. It is a light weight and pocket friendly architecture, widely present in the market.… Continue reading

Finalytica April, 2019: Knowledge Series

Light Weight Architecture for Unified Analytics

Unified Analytics is a new set of solutions that unify data processing right from the ETL of the data from client’s database – setting up organized staging platform (Data Warehouse) for structured & unstructured data & usage of AI technologies with the transformed data to have a 10k feet view of the business & identify hidden business opportunities.… Continue reading

Finalytica April 2019: Latest Happenings

  • RBI recently released a draft of Fintech regulatory sandbox framework for stakeholder comments. The draft proposes that Fintech startups could participate in a sandbox monitored by RBI to provide fresh industry solutions in tech services such as retail payments, digital KYC and remittance services, among others. 
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Finalytica March, 2019: Knowledge Series

Too many cooks make the broth tastier.


Incorrect is the old adage: Too many cooks spoil the broth.

Updated adage in this age of AI and ML: Too many models make the accuracy higher.

Ensemble Learning in Machine Learning is when more than one machine learning algorithms merge to produce a better and more robust decision model, even though individually, they may be weak or average in predictions.… Continue reading

Finalytics March, 2019: Latest happenings

  • According to a recent report on Indian Fintech ecosystem, India has achieved the second spot globally with largest number of Fintech Startups after US. Among all Fintech Startups, the ones who had maximum share were payment companies, lending, insurance and personal finance management Startups.
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Finalytics Feb, 2019: Knowledgerator

Sentiment Analysis using Doc2PC

Sentiment Analysis is the process of classifying the News/Text document as negative, slightly negative, neutral, slightly positive and positive. Sentiment analysis is based on advanced Natural language processing and Machine Learning Algorithms. It can also be used to classify type of news like Market, Financial or General News.… Continue reading